Prepaid Cards and Wire Transfers for

Payroll and Contractors

Paying employees and contractors when they are spread around the world is painful and expensive.

We provide prepaid card schemes through our network of international partners, managed by our clients using our Employer Paycard Manager system.


Coming soon – low cost, international bank transfers specifically designed for payroll.

Employer paycard manager

Platform & Security

Our Employer Paycard Manager system is hosted and managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the UK (London). All data is stored in Amazon Aurora databases which are ISO/IEC certified for security. Clients have their own database and all data has multiple levels of security including network isolation using Amazon VPC, encryption at rest and in transit. The AWS platform gives clients assurance that their data is safe, secure and compliant (GDPR).

Let's Get Started

Our Employer Paycard Manager let's you manage prepaid cards for your employees and contractors across the globe.
Either link it to your existing prepaid card provider or use one our partners.